Appointments can be booked either by calling 02 6788 0333 or they can be booked directly by using the green Make an Appointment tab on the left of this screen. A simple registration process is initially required after which you can book, cancel and review your appointments online. You can also download and install an App from Google Play or the App Store for Smartphones and Tablets (search for 'Appointuit') which enables you to book, cancel and review appointments as well as receiving reminders on the go on your mobile device.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and GP. We allow some appointment times each day for urgent problems. Emergencies will always be given priority and our reception staff will attempt to contact you if there is any unforeseen delay or your GP has been called away. Longer consultation times are available, so please ask our receptionists if you require some extra time.

Integral Health will send you an SMS reminder the day before your appointment. Please advise our receptionists if you do not want to receive a reminder.

If you or a family member requires an interpreter service we can organise this for you, please advise us of this at the time of booking your appointment.

Car parking

For your convenience onsite parking is available at the rear of the practice. Please respect our neighbour's right to access and avoid parking across or directly adjacent to their driveways. For your convenience ramp access to the practice is available on the eastern side of the building and this entrance can be accessed via a pathway running from the parking at the rear of the practice.

Our location

As Integral Health is located in a residential area please respect our neighbours right to privacy and access. We ask you use the onsite parking at the rear of our building, place all litter in the bins provided and keep noise to appropriate levels. Our practice has a no smoking policy within the practice, our grounds and the surrounding areas.

Care outside normal opening hours

Integral Health Armidale provides 24 hour care for patients. Please contact us on 02 6788 0333 and a recorded message will advise the phone number for the doctor on call. Please note that Bulk Billing is not available for this service.

Home and other visits

Home visits are available for regular patients of our practice whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery, however, they are subject to doctor availability. We visit homes within a 10 minute radius of the practice. Bulk Billing is not available for home visits. Our doctors do not have admitting rights at Armidale Public Hospital. If you need to go to hospital, we can arrange this for you.

Pathology collection centre - Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

Patients are able to have pathology tests done here in the practice at the Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology collection centre. The centre is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 1.00pm. No appointment is necessary so patients can often have their tests done immediately following their doctor's appointment.


If required, you may be given a referral by your doctor to another health professional or specialist. It is your responsibility to attend to this referral. If there are problems with this arrangement please discuss this directly with your doctor. Appointments are required for all referrals. Fees may be payable for the consultation with the health professional/specialist that you are referred to as well as to any procedures they recommend. As these fees vary you should contact them to ascertain any rebates payable and to calculate your out of pocket expenses.

Telephone access

During consultation times, doctors cannot take phone calls for non-urgent matters. For routine matters please leave a message with the receptionists and your doctor or a practice nurse will return your call at a later time. In many cases a consultation is a more appropriate option to discuss your health condition or concerns with your doctor.

Getting the results of a test or procedure

If your results require follow up your doctor will advise you by phone, email or mail if they would like to see you for a further appointment or if other action is required. Generally, we will only contact where your results require further action. Patients may be able to speak with a Practice Nurse regarding results at designated times each day.

Proactive health reminders and non urgent recall appointments

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and to keep costs to reduce costs we communicate with our patients using SMS and Email for proactive health reminders and to relay other health information. Please be assured that these communications will not include results or other private health information. You can assist us by ensuring that we always have your most appropriate and up to date contact details recorded in our files.

Please make sure you have provided us with:

  1. A current, appropriate PERSONAL email account (not a shared or work account)
  2. Your PERSONAL mobile phone number

Please note that if you do not wish to receive information through these methods please advise our reception team who will note your file accordingly.


Our practice is fully computerised and is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information. Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. To view our Privacy Policy click here.


Integral Health Armidale continuously looks for ways to improve our services to patients. If you have any concerns or suggestions for ways to improve our facilities or services, please contact us by phone or email  If you are unhappy or have a complaint regarding any aspect of your care, please discuss the matter with your GP or practice staff. If you feel unable to speak to us directly, you may contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on 1800 043 159.