Consultation Fees

Integral Health Armidale will generally only Bulk Bill standard consultations for Commonwealth Pension Concession Card holders, Department of Veteran's Affairs Card holders, children under 2 years of age and patients receiving immunisations or vaccinations under the National Immunisation Program and National Influenza Vaccination Program.

A discount fee may be offered to patients who hold a Commonwealth Healthcare Card and patients aged over 2 and under 18 years of age.

Bulk Billing of any consultation is at Integral Health's discretion and exclusions apply to most other services such as procedures (Excisions, Biopsies etc), Out of Hours Consultations, Home Visits and Travel Vaccination Consultations.

All fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. 

Integral Health will process your Medicare Rebate direct to your bank account provided you have registered your account details with Medicare. Medicare will usually process your rebate to your account within 24 hours.

Fees are charged for all home visits, Workers Compensation consultations, third party insurance cases and for employment, insurance and commercial driver's licence examinations. Indicative costs can be provided by our reception team at the time of booking an appointment.

Consultation Fee

Your Medicare Rebate

Out of pocket cost

Brief Appointment

Discount Fee

Standard Appointment










Discount Fee




Long Appointment




Discount Fee




Prolonged Appointment




Discount Fee




Practice Nurse Appointment



$30.00 (Short)

Practice Nurse Appointment



$50.00 (Long)





Additional Fees

We ask you to make an appointment with your doctor to obtain repeat prescriptions. A $20.00 fee applies for prescriptions written without an appointment with a doctor. This fee is applicable for all patients including Pension Concession Card holders, Department of Veteran's Affairs Card holders, Health Care Card holders and for prescriptions sent directly to a pharmacy. Prescriptions may take 24-48 hours to be issued/available for collection and there is no Medicare Rebate available for this fee.

Fees may also be charged to cover the cost of any medical consumables such as bandages or wound dressings where required. There is no Medicare Rebate available for a fee charged for medical consumables. These fees apply to all patients regardless of their concessional status for other consult fees. Where a fee applies for a consumable you may be asked to pay an amount equivalent to the rebate for your consultation plus the cost of the consumable. You will then receive your Medicare rebate to offset the consult fee and you will only be out of pocket the cost of the consumables. Medicare rebates are normally received in your bank account within 24 hours.

Integral Health Armidale requires that all accounts are settled at the time of your appointment. A $16.50 (inc GST) fee will apply to all accounts that are not settled at this time. There is no Medicare Rebate available for this fee.